DIY Chain Scrap Rings

Since I still had some chain scraps lying around from my mixed metal tassel necklace, so I decided to make matching rings. These look great both worn alone or stacked!

Chain Scrap Rings

DIY Chain Scrap Rings

(Difficulty: Easy)


(1) Scrap chains
(2) Jump rings (same color as your chain)
(3) Jewelry pliers



1.Attach the jump ring to one end and measure length around finger. Secure jump ring to the proper length; make sure it’s still able to slip over your knuckle!

2. Cut the link next to the one attached to the jump ring, as indicated in the image.

3. Repeat this with the rest of your scrap chains. Wear them alone or stack ’em!


This is a such a quick project and the chain combinations are endless! What other things do you make with scrap chains?

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