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10 DIY Valentine’s Gifts – Make Them Love You Even More

In one’s oh-so busy lives, everything is time-bound. And, even though you want to floor your loved one on the big day, office commitment plays the usual spoilsport. Leaving you frazzled, and even more stressed because you now have to resort to that done-to-death card and chocolates for her. Shopping for gift turns more of a nightmare than a pleasurable task because the pressure of purchasing a great gift and beating the time deadline take all the joy out of shopping.

DIY Cupcakes for Valentine

When the time for Valentine’s Day comes around, all thoughts turn to chocolate, candy, little hearts, and more chocolate. It seems that somewhere the name of Valentine’s and Chocolate got a bit mixed together. The true meaning of this day was to give everyone an opportunity to express their feelings of love without being awkward, or shy. After all, it is Valentine’s Day, and you can be as mushy as you want or cute, whichever you decide on. Below, we gathered different cupcake ideas for valentine.

Office Desk Ideas That You Can DIY

Today’s first diy project belongs to brooklynite Maggi Pattillo. She created this simple but stunning desk with a few boards from lowes and a whole lot of crafty-ness. Her instructions are easy-to-follow and make for a fantastic weekend project if you’re looking to create a custom desk area. You can also see other DIY desk designs on this post.