DIY Cinnamon Stick Floral Centerpiece for Christmas

One of the fun traditions that my friend has, is creating Christmas decor & ornaments during their Thanksgiving festivities.  If there were more women in the crew that I’m feeding for Thanksgiving, I’d so start it as our own.  Since I don’t though, I just have to randomly get my DIY to create some fun Christmas pieces.  Today I’m sharing a centerpiece that smells good; Cinnamon Stick floral Centerpiece, for Christmas!


I wasn’t sure how this would turn out but I am thrilled with it!  I originally planned to use red mesh but I didn’t like that so I switched to the twine. I’m so glad I did! I think it helped lighten all the dark colors of the centerpiece, plus it gives an added rustic feel to it.

IMG_0584 IMG_05961

The twine was the most expensive thing, coming in at $5.47 at Walmart but good lord, it’s a huge spool that will last for many, many projects!  Totally worth the investment and it really makes the decorshine.  And since the flowers were only $0.97 cents each, it made paying a little more for the twine easier.


A glue gun is needed for this craft or any other clear, fast drying glue.  You can buy a vase, tin decor, or container but I used a mason jar.  I’ve bought vases at Walmart before though and have used them in other table centerpieces.

DIY – Cinnamon Stick Floral Centerpiece for Christmas

  1. Glue cinnamon sticks all the way around your jar.
  2. Wrap some twine (or a ribbon) around the jar a few times and tie a bow.
  3. Add your flowers. I snipped a small red flower from the bouquet and stuck in the twine for some extra umpf.

That’s it!! You could also do away with the flower all together and buy a small candle instead!  When it warms up, it will make the cinnamon sticks aroma flow through the home!

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