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Office Desk Ideas That You Can DIY

Today’s first diy project belongs to brooklynite Maggi Pattillo. She created this simple but stunning desk with a few boards from lowes and a whole lot of crafty-ness. Her instructions are easy-to-follow and make for a fantastic weekend project if you’re looking to create a custom desk area. You can also see other DIY desk designs on this post.

6 DIY Paper Wall Decorations

Brighten up your home’s walls with custom wall decor. If you are searching for the best diy paper ideas ideas then scroll down below to know some popular choices of diy paper wall decor ideas to decorate the walls of your home. Wall DIY ideas have the ability to completely dictate the mood of a room and can have brand impact on a massive scale.

DIY Cinnamon Stick Floral Centerpiece for Christmas

One of the fun traditions that my friend has, is creating Christmas decor & ornaments during their Thanksgiving festivities.  If there were more women in the crew that I’m feeding for Thanksgiving, I’d so start it as our own.  Since I don’t though, I just have to randomly get my DIY to create some fun Christmas pieces.  Today I’m sharing a centerpiece that smells good; Cinnamon Stick floral Centerpiece, for Christmas!