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9 Ideas for Remodelling Your Dressers

“Refinishing a dresser can be super overwhelming. I’m often asked the questions: What qualities should I look for when furniture hunting? How do I ensure that I prime properly? What paints should I use? Claire here, and today’s project has been a long time coming. Over the last couple months, Chanel has had some major dresser drama — broken drawers, socks and tee shirts scattered on the floor, it hasn’t been pretty. So in an effort to upgrade her storage situation (and celebrate us being roomies for a year!), we set out to makeover this wooden dresser in a most glamorous way. Keep reading to learn how I did it and to get my tips for personalizing any sad furniture you have at home.” says one of the designer of the dressers below.

10 DIY Ideas to Make Perfumed Soap at Home

Do you make soap? This is a fun craft to try. Soap makers will be pleased to discover that they can now make soap in dozens of scrumptious flavors – from classics such as lavender or oatmeal & honey to more exotic ones like apple cider or soap shaped like cupcakes. Best of all, many soap crafts today can be made without lye or even palm free, which many crafters appreciate for its ease and convenience. Homemade soap is a wonderful treat to make for your family, especially to encourage kids at bath time. Imagine just how thoughtful homemade soap is to receive as a gift – both indulgent and so personalized to the gift recipient. Here are 43 soap making crafts, so give it a try!

DIY Cinnamon Stick Floral Centerpiece for Christmas

One of the fun traditions that my friend has, is creating Christmas decor & ornaments during their Thanksgiving festivities.  If there were more women in the crew that I’m feeding for Thanksgiving, I’d so start it as our own.  Since I don’t though, I just have to randomly get my DIY to create some fun Christmas pieces.  Today I’m sharing a centerpiece that smells good; Cinnamon Stick floral Centerpiece, for Christmas!