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10 Simple Candle Making Ideas

Nothing sets a warm glow in a room better than a candle. And what could be better than a candle you make yourself? If you enjoy crafting, we encourage you to try making your own candles. Candles are both practical and fun. You can create 50-hour candles that will keep you and your family in lit rooms during stormy seasons. You can also create luxurious massage candles and essential oil scented candles to indulge your senses. A fun craft to do with kids – parent supervision highly recommended – are to make crayon candles – which are a terrific teacher and holiday gift. So let’s get started make candles!

10 DIY Ideas to Make Perfumed Soap at Home

Do you make soap? This is a fun craft to try. Soap makers will be pleased to discover that they can now make soap in dozens of scrumptious flavors – from classics such as lavender or oatmeal & honey to more exotic ones like apple cider or soap shaped like cupcakes. Best of all, many soap crafts today can be made without lye or even palm free, which many crafters appreciate for its ease and convenience. Homemade soap is a wonderful treat to make for your family, especially to encourage kids at bath time. Imagine just how thoughtful homemade soap is to receive as a gift – both indulgent and so personalized to the gift recipient. Here are 43 soap making crafts, so give it a try!