DIY Origami Box Ornaments

This awesome 18 Days Series project for D.I.Y. Origami Box Ornaments comes to us from Samantha Miller of Paper Red Shoes.  I love the idea of hanging these for display (like she’s done in the photo at the end of this post).  Here are the directions and more from Samantha:

I have folded a few thousand of these boxes and have learned the following along the way: cut a good square, fold crisply, and practice before you use paper you really like!
Supplies needed:

  • Vintage or antique book
  • Paper cutter or scissors
  • Ruler
  • Ribbon
  • Fishing line.


origami box ornaments


Tip: Whatever is on the topside of the square (as circled) is what you will see on the finished box.


Step 1: Choose a great book. One with plate illustrations is usually best like old dictionaries with pictures. This one is over 100 years old! I got it from Oxfam for £10.


Step 2:  Tear eight pages from the book. Cut four pages into a 5in square for the top and four pages into a 4¾in square for the bottom. Depending how big your book is, you can cut larger squares for larger ornaments.


Steps 3 & 4: Fold one top sheet in half horizontally. Fold the top half in half.


Step 5: Fold in half again. This time vertically.

DIY origami box ornament


Step 6: Take the bottom left corner and fold it at a 45° angle so that the corner is now in the middle.


Step 7:  Fold the bottom right quadrant at a 45° angle as shown above.


Step 8:  Fold the remaining 3 cut top squares as you did in steps 1-7. You should now have four folded pieces that looks like this.


Steps 9 & 10: Slide one piece’s side under the fold of another. Make sure the first piece’s triangular “flap” is under the one you added.


Step 11:  Slide the third piece’s side into piece’s two fold. Make sure the second triangular “flap” is under the one you added.


Step 12: Slide the fourth piece’s side into piece’s three fold. Make sure the third triangular “flap” is under the one you added.


Steps 13 & 14: Here’s where it gets a bit tricky, but don’t despair. You can do it! Insert the first piece’s side into the fourth piece’s fold. Tuck the fourth triangular flap under the first.


Step 15: Gently push the sides and corners together so that the pieces fit snuggly. Repeat steps 1-14 for the bottom of your box.


Step 16: Now your box is done, tie some ribbon, yarn, jute, or whatever around it. Cut a piece of fishing line to make a loop. Thread the line under the ribbon and tie a secure knot.


Step 17: Take the ends of the knot and poke them into the center of the box along with the knot. Straighten ribbon back into place.


Voilà!! Now you have an originally beautiful ornament. Many happy folds!

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