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7 DIY Headboards to Decorate Bedrooms

The key component of creating a reclaimed wood headboard is to understand how to finish the wood. The general idea of finishing is that it involves cleaning, sanding, and staining or painting the wood. A good thing to keep in mind is that this form of reclaimed timber furniture will be near your sleeping area. Therefore you should probably stay away from certain materials, such as pressure treated wood (it can cause nasty splinters). As long as you keep these pointers in mind, you can basically create a headboard out of anything from a solid cross section of tree to an old abandoned stretch of fence.

10 Simple Candle Making Ideas

Nothing sets a warm glow in a room better than a candle. And what could be better than a candle you make yourself? If you enjoy crafting, we encourage you to try making your own candles. Candles are both practical and fun. You can create 50-hour candles that will keep you and your family in lit rooms during stormy seasons. You can also create luxurious massage candles and essential oil scented candles to indulge your senses. A fun craft to do with kids – parent supervision highly recommended – are to make crayon candles – which are a terrific teacher and holiday gift. So let’s get started make candles!

5 DIY Nightstand Ideas

Remodelling nightstands is often a task that requires both imagination and certain skills. If you would like to save money and still reuse objects like old wooden crates. What is important is the preparation of the materials you will use. What you need for some of the tasks are screws, a drill, varnish, sand paper and wheels. Use the sand paper to make them smoother and then apply lacquer. Here are a few ideas which will help you.