DIY Sizing Down Rings

So I’ve got a bit of a thing for rings . Similar to my beef with bangles, size 6 is often the smallest size that rings are sold in (shooting eye darts at you F21…). Of course, I would conveniently be a size 5. Today, I’m going to show you a quick fix for sizing down rings. Unfortunately I haven’t got magic to make rings bigger so you’ll have to consult a jeweler for that!


steps 2

Sizing Down Rings Hack

(Difficulty: Easy!)


(1) Too-big rings
(2) Adhesive foam sheet
(3) Scissors



1. Cut a strip of adhesive foam the same width as your ring. I got this ring from ASOS about 3 years ago and it’s just been sitting around my jewelry box, neglected and lonely.

2. Position the strip inside the ring to see how much padding you need for it to be the proper size. Cut the amount you need.

3. Peel and stick! I wear it with the black part on the inside so it’s virtually invisible. In the picture below, you can see how big the space was between the ring and my finger before and after.

steps 2

Now you can flail to your heart’s content without worrying that your ring will slip off! Crazy easy, am I right? I hope this hack was helpful to some of you!

Do you have any rings that you’ve been neglecting because they slip off too easily?

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