DIY No Sew T-Shirt Scarf

I’ve had this lovely coral WWF shirt lying around for a while. I originally bought this for a friend only to find the bottom had a snag in it that was impossible to mend since the fabric got all stretched out. It’s made of super soft knit jersey and I couldn’t bear to throw it out, so I made it into a scarf!

Step 1

(Difficulty: Easy)

step 2


(1) Old, soft t-shirt (jersey works best b/c it has great stretch)
(2) Fabric scissors


step 3

1. Iron your shirt if needed. Lay it out and cut off the sleeves, neck hem, and bottom hem as shown.

2. Fold it in half length wise and start cutting your strips as indicated. As you move up the shirt, you may start getting shorter strips. Knot the ends to join them into a loop and add to your other strips.

step 4

3. Once you’ve cut ally our strips, tug on them gently to stretch them out. At this point, you can braid together a few strips if you wish. Knot the ends together to form a loop.

4. Braid the neck and bottom hems. Gather the strips at the seams and wrap the braided hems around it to hide the seams. Knot both ends together to secure. Trim ends.

step 5

4. Gather the other side’s seams together, wrap, and knot a scrap strip around it, covering the seams. Trim ends as needed.

step 6

Wrap and wear! I love how the coral color brings a bold pop to an otherwise boring outfit. I also love how lightweight but practical it is; it actually keeps your neck warm on those cooler autumn days!

Many Thanks to Cafe Cratea for this great DIY tutorial.